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07 Jun 2013 in about-me

Here's a short list of things done by yours truly, incredibly burnt out and self loathing embedded software engineer. You know why I even have this page up? So I can look at it and go "oh okay, I'm not totally useless". I think. Everything said here or on my blog does not represent the opinions or views of my current or past employers.

"Social" Coding Accounts

  • christinaa on GitHub - Has some open source stuff, some is reference only. Has all my OSS stuff on it.
  • StackOverflow - Me asking stupid questions or giving stupid answers.
  • kristina on GitLab - Mostly Rizon services related stuff, I think most isn't public so you won't see much there.
  • LLVM Code Reviews - Does trying to do code reviews count as social coding? Maybe. Plus you can laugh at how incompetent I am (you need an account).


I have experience with the following languages:

  • x86(_64) preferably AT&T syntax, ARM, ARM64 and VideoCore4 Assembly. Also LLVM IR (SSA Representation).
  • C/C++ (and EC++ and various weird extensions/dialects, mostly familiar with C++14)
  • Objective-C(++)
  • Python2.7 and 3.X, I recently got a liking for 3.X. (Also Skylark/Starlark dialects)
  • PHP (Not a massive fan)
  • Perl
  • JavaScript (ES6 dialect too)
  • Markup: HTML/Jinja2/CSS/Markdown/RestructuredText
  • Data definition: YAML/JSON/XML/Plist(XML)/Plist(Old-style)/Skylark(Declarative)
  • Java (Including lower level aspects of the Java Platform and JNI)
  • Lua (5.1, 5.2, 5.3)
  • OCaml
  • Scala
  • C# (No intimate knowledge of CLR platform however)
  • Go (Used 1.4-bootstrap, 1.12, 1.13)

The following web/scalability technologies:

  • RabbitMQ
  • Gearman
  • ZeroMQ
  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Django
  • Flask
  • CherryPy
  • Pylons
  • Linux netfilter subsystem/eBPF


  • Small CMS for this website (Python, sqlite, PeeWee, Flask)
  • BootKit - a multithreaded bootloader/pre-boot environment for ARM based on LK.
  • u-boot-x - a u-boot crossover with bootkit capable of booting Darwin.
  • Porting the Darwin kernel to the ARMv7 architecture and to OMAP3 and PBA8 machines.
  • MX - a full SpringBoard replacement for iPhoneOS.
  • MXKit - A UI kit for iPhoneOS based on QuartzCore.
  • CoreDiagnostics - A lower level diagnostics toolkit for S5L devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad).
  • EventPump - Remote control application for iPhoneOS (QuartzCore Contexts, MIG Accesibiliy API)
  • CASafari - An iOS web browser based entirely on Quartz (no UIKit).
  • CoreCompositor - My attempt at a CoreAnimation-like scene graph with occlusion culling.
  • Magenta - My OS aiming at reimplementing Darwin 11.
  • Minor work on OMAP5 drivers for Linux for HDMI.
  • Minor work on PV/HDMI standalone drivers for some Huawei AArch64 SoC.
  • Patches for Xen-unstable allowing it to boot the Darwin kernel as DOM1 in parallel with Linux on ARM.
  • Non-aids (disclaimer for lawyers, it's a figure of speech, the official Discord client probably won't give you aids). Qt-based Discord client that can do text chat which apparently I can't open source or I'll get banned along with all the users because of Discord's stupid policy on 3rd party clients. Seriously, Discord can go to hell.
  • LLVM based code obfuscator and a partial DRM solution built on it.
  • LLVM target backend for VideoCore4 (Raspberry Pi VPU)
  • VPU side ARM bootloader that works on Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 as well as several open source drivers for VC4 related bits.


I'm on IRC 24/7 but I may not always be near a computer to answer (I too need sleep and food), so be patient. For FOSS projects I prefer being contacted on Freenode. I prefer not being messaged in private unless it's relating to a specific topic or a question I am able to answer, not general chat.

  • Email: tinab (at) hush.ai (notstina@ for more serious/work related things)
  • IRC : Kristina on Rizon/Espernet/Freenode and Kristina_ on OFTC.